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How can I display the Posting Date, when the user create expense report?

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Hi experts,
At SAP BYD system, the user have not the authority of expense report work center, when the user create the expense report at Self-Services Overview, the Posting Date: can't display.

I don't want to assign the authority to the user.
Any idea to display the field:Posting Date ? Thanks.

Best Regards,

Benny huang

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Bin,

Can you please check the case document : 1886783 - Expense Report without posting date

In Summary : Users who does not have access to travel and expense work center, Posting date will not be displayed. In this case, posting date is derived by system based on following.

By definition the person assigned to the Travel and Expense Work Center is considered an Auditor.
By default the posting date is calculated as the creation date of the Expense Report irrespective of the type of Expense Report.
The auditor has the rights to change the posting dates according to the needs.

If the expense report data are in the past, the expense report end date is used as the default posting date (in case of an out-of-pocket expense report it is the last expense date out of the entered receipts). This is correct because the posting dates describes the date when the costs occurred!

If the expense report dates are in the future the expense report end date cannot be used, because posting dates in the future are not allowed in the Financial Accounting. So the creation date is used.



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