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How can i call Type pool in Function 'EXIT_SAPLMRMH_001'

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Hi ABAPers

i copyed EXIT_SAPLMRMH_001 to ZEXIT_SAPLMRMH_001in SE37.

i am getting error when checking, that syntax error :The type "MRM_RBKPV" is unknown.

one dialogue box is also popup with "Type Pool MRM is not define". where can i define MRM, and how can?

please suggest me.

thanks in advance


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Answers (2)

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You have to call the Type pool in the TOP Include of your Function group where you copied your Function module.

As such there is no need to copy this Function module to a new function group.

Instead you can add the Type pool in the SAP standard Function Group - XM08

If you open the TOP include of the function group XM08 ( where the Function exit is defined) you can find the code below.


INCLUDE LXM08TAP. " Global Data For SAP Formpool and Templates

INCLUDE ZXM08TOP. " Global Data

You can see a TOP include named <b>ZXM08TOP</b> ,

you have to double click and create this Include where you can Call the Type pool.

Hope this solves your problem.

<b>Reward if so.</b>

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hi, Thank you very much

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hi Hari,

Look as where that was defined in your earlier program and accordingly declare that locally.



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Hi Santosh,

There is no program in previous, just i am creating for userexit purpose, Actually problem is: in MIGO tcode-there is a 'Delivery note' field, this value has to display in MIR4 as 'Reference' field.At present Invoice Doc is displaying. Instead of Invoice Doc no, Delivery Note has to display in MIR4.for this i need User exit, how and where to do? Please suggest me.