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I had maintained the Goods receving hours as Wednesday and

Time as 14:00 hours. Now when i had created the sales order

it has confirmed Schedule lines on Next Thursday?But the customer

wants only on Wednesday? So how the delivery will be done

to that customer?

I had created the storage location in the plant? now i

had created the material with that storage location?

But still iam not geeting the storage location automatically

in the sales order? How does the storage location is determined

automatically in the sales order?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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check the factory calendar what u have assigned .

for storage location determination

spro....l.exe....picking.....determine picking location determination with situatuin


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Kedar,

Firstly using standard SAP - Storage location does not get determined in Sales order - But,

I will tell you what i had done to have Storage location determination in the Sales order.

In the Plant Setting IMG> Enterprise Structure> Definition> Logistics - General> Define, copy, delete, check plant. Here select your plant and go to Address for this plant. Here in Search term 2 Maintain some alphabet say "A". Now ask your ABAPer to write a user exit for determining the Storage location if the Sales order has the same Plant used in it with search term as "A" then use table V_TVKOL (storage location determination table) and fetch the correct storage location based on Shipping Point + Plant + Storage conditions.

Hope the above works for you.

REWARD if it helps you!!



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if u want to receive certain goods on aparticular day u have to maintain the calendar and assigned it to the ship to party which specifies what are the working days,holidays,sundays etc..these are all specified there and assigned to the ship to party.

the sytem when confirming the schedule lines checks with the calendar of the ship to party and confirms on the working day.