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Hi Everyone need some assistance to generate an output message in a Detailed Services Agreement

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How can I generate an output message within a Services Agreement?

I need to update service items prices and also create new ones and when using YMMS I got after running the BDC Session a message related to the OUTPUT MESSAGE and when I went an checked the agreement it has NO output message at all not even NEU Status.

How can I fix this???????????? need some help! 😄 Thank you!

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Did you have done Message Output configuration for Outline agreement?

Considering you have already done Message Output configuration for Outline agreement for application type EV  with Form or PDF/Smartform and now cross check following

Did your select the check box to your output type YMMS with Print indicator 1 to have print output automatically displayed,if not- just select & save in following path

SPRO ->MM ->Purchasing ->Message ->Output control>Message types -> Define message type for Outline agreement-->Fine-Tuned Control: Outline Purchase Agreement

Also check your  output type YMMS assigned to Purchasing group( which you entered in 

agreement) and also check you have message condition record(MN07) for agreement output type YMMS.


Biju K