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Henhancing inforype 2005

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We need to add extra fields into into infotype 2005 overtime.

In PM01 we couldn't locate the CI_include.

Why 2005 does not have CI_include ?

How we can henhance infotype 2005 ?


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Answers (2)

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Indeed Henhancing infotype 2xxxx is really a

big limiltation

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We can enhance only PA and OM info types . CI include is specifically for these infotypes .


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you can't enhance time infotypes (2xxx)

I suggest if you check if you can find a field and use that for your data, if it is possible.

Not the best solution, but sometimes does the trick

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is there any specific reason for it

andy and one more thing which infotypes cannot be enhanced can u us know

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I think that the time data is saved in a special way, sometimes they use clusters.

Next to the 2000-2999 infotypes, infotype 0000 cannot be enhanced.

Hope that helps you a bit!