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Help with POSTING_INTERFACE_CLEARING for clearing GL open items

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Hi Experts,

I'm trying to use POSTING_INTERFACE_CLEARING for clearing the open GL line items. The requirement is to clear the open items with same assignment, document date and amount (with opposite sign, credit and debit), like in below screenshot.

The issue is for the documents that are cleared using this FM, again new documents are being posted for the GL and are again appearing in the open items list with document number as clearing document number.

For example, I clear documents A and B using POSTING_INTERFACE_CLEARING and clearing docs C and D are generated. Now again C and D are appearing in the open items list under same, GL, assignment and document date.


i_auglv = 'UMBUCHNG'

i_tcode = 'FB05'

I'm storing the documents to be cleared in an internal table and then looping through it and passing to the FM. Please provide some clarity with respect to how this FM works when Transfer posting with clearing?

Any help is much appreciated.

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