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Help me!! Quotation and info record update...

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I have a question.

I want to update info record after result of Price Comparison(ME49).

ME47-Item detail, I set InfoUpdate "A(Update with or whithout plant)".

After saving, info record updated. And info Update changed "C".

My quotation doesn't have plant.

Is mode "A" possible both (plant and no plant)?? why change "C" ??

My question....

1) I don't know... why change info Update field "A"->"C".

2) How to do : update info record after result of Price Comparison(ME49).

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Refer the note 569885

The functionality provided by this indicator is misunderstood.


When entering or changing a Purchase Order, a Request for Quotation

or a Contract, the Info Record may be updated at the same time depending on the value of the Info Record Update indicator.

EKPO-SPINF can hold the values:

Blank -> No updating

'A' -> Update with or without plant

'B' -> Update with plant (if no plant ban)

'C' -> Update without plant (if no plant requirement)

For obvious reasons this note will not deal with situation where EKPO-SPINF is set to blank!


Note that it is only relevant to talk about conditions for Quotations; not for Requests for qoutations (RFQ).

Therefore ME41 is not the place where you create the conditions, it's only where you create the RFQ.

Upon creation of the Quotation (ME47), all conditions are written to the info record.

The RFQ number and item are written into the info record (EINE-ANFNR, EINE-ANFPS).

Upon change of the Quotation (ME47), the gross price PB00 is written to the info record.

If further supplementary conditions for PB00 (such as FRA1) are changed, they will also be written to the info record.

If a condition is marked as manual in the condition schema, it will not be transferred to the info record.

In ME47 it is only possible to update one period for conditions, that is the current period. For updating the future period you need to go to its condition maintenance screen and hit save otherwise the system do not know which period should be updated.

When an RQF item is deleted, the info record remains along with its conditions.

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I set info record update flag "A" in ME47 and saves.

after saving... I displayed quotation in ME48.

But,,,, info record update flag changed "C" automatically. My quotation doesn't have plant.

Why changed?