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HCM Forms and Processes: Issue with SAP_PA and SAP_PD together

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Hi All,

My client has a requirement of initiating a form for an Employee (select personnel number and then select process) but the form should only update OM data.

For this I have included SAP_PA and SAP_PD service in form scenario configuration.

I am not updating any PA infotype but the reason I need to add SAP_PA is to get the Personnel Number into standard pernr field.

If I remove SAP_PA from the configuration then it is not passing the Personnel number to form configuration.

(if I pass pernr manually then everything works fine and updates correctly)

Now when I use SAP_PA and SAP_PD together it gives dump while updating the data i.e. when i click on Send button.

(it works fine when i click on Check but gives dump at the time of updating data)

Dump -

  The exception 'CX_HRPA_VIOLATED_PRECONDITION' was raised, but it was not caught

   anywhere along

  the call hierarchy.

  Since exceptions represent error situations and this error was not

  adequately responded to, the running ABAP program

   'CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_FACTORY======CP' has to be


Source Code-

   1 METHOD set_context.


   3   IF a_context IS INITIAL.

   4     CASE context.

   5       WHEN context_default OR

   6            context_legacy.

   7         a_context = context.


   9       WHEN OTHERS.

  10         RAISE EXCEPTION TYPE cx_hrpa_invalid_parameter

  11           EXPORTING

  12             parameter = 'CONTEXT'.

  13     ENDCASE.

  14   ELSE.

  15 *   context must never be set twice

>>>>     RAISE EXCEPTION TYPE cx_hrpa_violated_precondition.

  17   ENDIF.


Can anyone help me with the solution for this dump?

or the work around would be some how passing the personnel Number entered before initiating the form into the pernr field of the form.

So that I can use that pernr field and will fetch other employee details using Generic Service.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Avinash,

Please check SAP note 1703817 for same dump dumps but in a different scenario.

However i would recommend that if you are getting dumps you can try creating multiple Form scenarios and keep both SAP PA and PD services in different scenarios.

This way you can pass the value of pernr using the transfer of fields values.



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Thanks Mayank.

I will check the SAP NOTE and also I have never tried the option of creating multiple form scenario.

So I will try the multiple forms scenario option to see if it works.



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Using these together is only possible if you are not mixing decoupled and "coupled" infotypes. Also, if you are using PA-PD integration, expect some buggy results. This is an issue SAP is actively working on and there is a recent note about the PA-PD integration  (Note 1610719 - PD->PA integration in new infotype framework)

that you should make sure you have implemented.

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This dump would usually occur if new(decoupled) and old infotype framework are being used at the same time. Please check on the same.

It is possible to have a process combining SAP_PA and SAP_PD together.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Sahir,

How to check which framework currently in use?

Also earlier I have configured the SAP_PA and SAP_PD together for updating vacancy for position in Change in Position form but for the client we were on EHP6.

The current client for whom I am getting this dump...we are on EHP5.

Not sure if the enhancement pack is making some difference.

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EhP version should not be a problem.

Do you have any generic service(basic/advanced) in you process which call HR function modules for updating infotypes? All these work on old infotype framework.

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Take a look at the sample process HR_PA_XX_TRANSFER_3 on how to use SAP_PA and SAP_PD in combination.

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Try using only SAP_PA and write the logic of getting data from PD infotypes in Generic Service.

Im not sure but i think its happening because of SAP_PD.

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I agree.  However, it shouldn't matter which service you include as long as you don't include the other.  I've seen this as a common exception when using both PA and PD frameworks in a variety of custom scenarios.  Stick with one service to avoid the complexity of trying to integrate the two frameworks.

If you say it works when using SAP_PD and including some logic to capture the PERNR manually, then why not stick with that?

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Yes. Even I am trying for the option of using only SAP_PD service.

But however i dont see any option of passing the pernr value to framework

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How is the form supposed to know the PERNR without manual entry by manager/admin?  Maybe further clarification would help..