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Group Reporting - Task 2140

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Hello Everybody,

I've two simple doubt about the task 2140 on the Consolidation Monitor.

Before ask my questions I need draw a holding structure, let's assume 4 company and only one consolidation group (CG_ABCD):

Company A (Parent company) has 3 others company: B (40%) , C (60%) and D (35%)

1 - When I fill the share participations of company B, C, D ; should I fill any information for the company A (Example attached)

2 - Every consolidation should I fill the share participations again? or I do this just once?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Yannick,

1- For the Holding company, there is no need to assign any percentage. It will automatically if you defined this entity at the group level (ownership) as Holding.

2- You don't need to assign the % every for every process in the future, but you need to run Carry forward to copy the % on future years.



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