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Group costing using additive costs

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Hello CO community,

we are currently facing the error in OKTZ "KQ351 - do not assign cost components to delta profit cost components" when setting up the delta cost component using additive costing for IC transfers and IC margin elimination.

SAP told us not to assign any cost elements to the delta cost component 999.

We are on SAP HANA 1809 Version and don´t come any further.

The setup was following the guidelines from SAP

In the next step the IC markup should be added using the CK74n transaction for additive costs. But this transaction cannot be

executed as we are already facing the error that no cost element can be assigned to the delta cost component.

Here the setup we have been doing and the error message we are facing.

I appreciate any help from the community, Thank you very much.

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Answers (1)

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Additional Information to my posting.

Here's my scenario:

a) Group Costing activated with 10 and 31 views in OB22.

b) Plant A, Company Code A sells to Plant B, Company Code B via inter-company STO

c) Cross-company costing active for legal valuation

I'm looking to cost a material in Plant B with a mark-up in the legal valuation view and have created a cost component for 'Delta Profit for Group Costing' at the company code level. This cost component does not allow any cost elements to be assigned to it. But during CK74n, the system won't let me create additive costs for the Legal Costing (or any variant) without using one....sort of a catch 22 situation!