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GR disappeared when clearing GR/IR accounts

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In monthly closing, our financial staff informed us that they found one BNG ( we don't have BNG business in our company ) when using F.19 to clear GR/IR account, but we checked that PO and found it already have GR and RE-L.It seems that only RE-L is considered and the GR is ignored.

We check the PO again but cannot find any difference from other normal POs.

Could anyone give me some advice to tell what's wrong with the PO?

p.s. fico staff found that after using F.13, the BNG will disappear, it means that the GR of that PO is considered by the system again.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Did you check the status tab in PO header for total GRed quantity and value? Also check in PO history any account maintenance doucment is posted (may be it cancelled GR). Try MB5S report for GR/IR clearing balances.


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