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Goods receipt through Inbound delivery for Sub-Contracting Purchase order

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I am trying to do goods receipt for the inbound delivery /shipping notification created for a sub -contracting Purchase order. The Finished product and the component part are batch managed, When I try to perform PGR in VL32N , I am getting a blank screen as error message and Goods receipt is not getting triggered . I checked for OSS note and found 645119 close to my issue but not an exact match . We are in ECC 6.0 with EHP 4. Can some one clarify whether it is possible to post GR through inbound delivery for a Subcon Purchase order .

Thanks in advance for your immediate response.

with regards,

Joseph Anand B

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Answers (2)

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Hi, The issue may be due to this - the component is batch managed but the batch data is blank in the component list of the Purchase Order Item. Or a batch is maintained in the PO item component list but the stock for the same batch is not available with Vendor, i.e. stock with some other batch may be available.

In a receipt for Sub-cont PO, 101 happens for FG and 543 happens for component. But there is no option to provide the component details in a delivery. So in standard system, when 101 happens via a delivery, 543 will be posted in the background. So any error in posting 543 will result in a blank screen without any error message.

You can fix this by maintaining correct batch in the PO component list.

But there is another issue - you cannot do 'cancel posting' and 'return delivery' for this receipt. Only you can reverse the inbound delivery and you should know that the recevied stock shouldn't have been processed to do reversal of inbound delivery.

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Hi Joseph.

Interesting! Don't got any error message? Just a blank screen?

Have you check the authority using SU53? Or config the system to allow you to post good receipt via VL32N?