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Goods Receipt PO "money overflow" error message

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Hi all,

A client is having problems when trying to post a Goods Receipt PO based on an A/P Reserve Invoice. When adding the following error message comes up:

[Goods Receipt PO-Rows -Warehouse Code][line: 0], 'Money Overflow (ODBC-104)'

Has anyone of you encountered this message? What could the problem be? They are using SAP 2005A PL 46.

Any help will be appreciated.



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Hello Anthony,

You may want to check these Notes as well:

Note 917969 - This describes a scenario where the Item Master Data has values in the Volume fields. The suggestion in the Note is to have smaller values like:

Length - 9.999mmm change to 9.99mm

Width / Height - 999mm change to 99mm

Note 965700 - Also related to Volume fields.


Lorna Real