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Goods issue reversed to a closed plant

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Hi experts,

This is a production issue I'm facing as the goods issue was reversed on a closed plant xyz that was closed a year ago. The inventory is not real. What steps can i take to remove inventory value from this plant xyz ?

Would firefighter access be necessary for this ?

Thank you!

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Answers (2)

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Your plant may be physically closed or not in operational by business but in your system plant xyz not closed yet which is why user able to post any document for plant xyz in your system As wrongly an document posted for plant xyz you should have material document number - Now ask user to cancel that material document with material document number by using MIGO with selection of (A03) cancellation and (R02) material document.

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Hello rajjetvana

Obviously the plant was not really closed in the system terms as goods movements can still be posted there. If the reversal is incorrect, just reverse it again and bring inventory down this way.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski