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Goods issue from multiple location

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The scenario is i have 1 plant and 3 warehouses, The material can be stored at any one of the warehouses. The sales person is creating the sales orders and they are not aware from which warehouse the material will be dispatched.

If i create one plant and 3 storage location and 3 warehouse in SAP, how will system will carry out the availblity check of the stock and do the delivery and PGI

Pls suggest the best method to be followed in such process.

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you have 1 plant and 3 storage locations. Could you please tell me why you are storing one material in 3 storage locations ?

are these storage locations existed in plant at same location ? or they located some where like depots where you keep your stock.

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There must be one shipping point associated with the Plant.(that to create the the delivery).

Case1 : How to check how much stock in which warehouse :

Go to Transaction MMBE . Give material and Plant number.Execute.

Here you can see the Stock in repective Storage Locations.

For Stock in Ware House : On top of sceen Goto Environment tab---> Select WM Stock

Case 2 : If You Want to sell the Stock from Warehouse .


For it. You need to create a transfer Order.In the delivery doc Overview screen from main menu select subsequent function---create Transfer Order.On transfer Order initial screen specify the warehouse number from which the stock has to be picked and also specify the delivery doc for which it has to be picked.

Confirm ->LT12>Give Transfer order no.

Now go back in Delivery doc(vl02n) and select the picking tab page where ypu find the completly picked quantity.

Now select the PGI (Post Good Issue).


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If you create one plant and 3 storage location and 3 warehouse in SAP, then you need to define three shipping points with three storage location, sales person will be able to change storage location when he creates sales order,then ATP check will occur based on which storage location he picked. Also you can set a default storage location for it.