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Goods Issue for Sales when no Stocks available in unrestricted use but in Transit

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HI experts,

I have a situation as under :

Clients wants to make PGI when stocks are not available in Unrestricted use but they are in Transit.

Now, Client wants to post a PGI taking Goods In-Transit in consideration so that do not have to wait for the goods to come to the factory to make an outbound delivery.

Please Share how to configure this.

Will Rough GR concept Helps.

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Answers (4)

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without allowing negative stocks you will not have any success v(except you do a dummy receipt), the ATP checking rules will not over rule the normal material master settings and plant customizing (whether negative stock is allowed).

You do not issue from stock in transit, you always issue from unrestricted use stock.

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Hello ,

not sure why this is required , as actual goods not in place.

anyways , you can just differentiate your stock after doing receipt in system by tkaing it to a block stock or a diffrent storage location.

you can create a Dummy storage locaiton with name as Transit stock,..

make the GR in that storage locaiton and if want to use then transfer it to some other regular storage locaiton.

Also as suggested by Ajit , you can modify the availability check which will takes into account the stock that is being transferred into receving plant.



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Check this feasibility->

Create new Z MT in OMJJ - copy from 561 & assign dummy G/L.

With MB1C & Z MT wheneve r you want to make PGI -> upload stock & once GR will received (against stock intransit) reverse the same.

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In OVZ9 for the combination of checking group maintained in material master ( 01, 02 etc ) and check ing rule sale order ( A ) and delivery (B), in the section stocks include stock in transit.

this will consider this stock for availability check.

Once you do that, do a test in your test system to see whether PGI is possible.