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GL Account is Missing [Message 131-46] in Outgoing Payments

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I don't know anything about SAP Business One and I'm the new IT that will maintain it. When the user wants to add data in Outgoing Payments it will give the error "GL Account is Missing [Message 131-46]" I don't know why is this happening.

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Dear lexda ,

This error message normally indicates that there is an account definition missing.

Please check the following:

1. Is the G/L Account column filled in rows of the Outgoing Payment?

2. Go go Item Master Data -> Inventory tab and through Form settings select all the G/L accounts there. You can define the accounts after consulting your accountant.

If the above doesn't help please see the followings:

Please kindly check that ALL accounts have been defined in the G/L Account Determination, for all the warehouses and tax codes and freight.

You will find all these determinations in the following places:

1. G/L Account Determination

Administration> Setup > Financials >G/L Account Determination

(Check the rounding account even if you are not using it.)

2. Warehouse accounts

Administration > Setup > Stock Management > Define Warehouses > Accounting

3. Tax Code accounts

Administration> Setup > Financials >Tax

4. Check if Rounding Tax Amount in Rows is ticked.

(Check the rounding account in G/L account Determination is defined, even if you are not using it.)

5. Administration > Setup >General > Freight

Please check if the G/L account is defined (even if the Freight is Zero)

6. Go to the Posting Period Setup window:

  • find the posting date of the Outgoing Payment.
  • Find the Period Indicator it belongs to.
  • Go to the G/L Account Determination to check the GL Accounts defined for the Period Indicator. Ensure that all GL Accounts are defined.

Kind Regards,

Gergely Tyukos

SAP Support

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does Business Partners need GL Account?