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GI For Capital Product

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Dear All,

I came across with a typical scenario. We have generated one purchase order for CAPITAL material. In this order we forget to enter "F" under "Account Assignment Category".

Now my store guy has taken its GR and generated batch number.

Actually this material should directly consume under some GL & cost center. But because we forget to enter F in purchase order, this material shows in unrestricted stock.

Now I am doing MB1A with 201 movement type to issue this material against cost center. But we are facing below error.

Invalid batch according to selection criteria in batch determination

Message no. LB051


This batch is not allowed according to the selection criteria assigned to it. The specifications for the batch entered do not match the selection criteria from batch determination.

System Response

The valid strategy record was determined accoring to the search procedure.

Depending on the system setting, the system issues either a warning or an error message.

  • If the message is a warning (W), the system will accept your entry, but simultaneously issues a warning to prevent you from making the wrong entry.
  • If the message is an error message (E), the system will not accept your entry.


Check the selection criteria for the transaction.

Now my question.

Procedure of doing MB1A is right or not?

How can i consume my capital material against some cost center.



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Answers (2)

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Why don't you just reverse the goods receipt and create a new PO item with F and set a deletion indicator for the initial item? This would be for me the logical way.

Doing a customizing change to get a movement through would not be an appropriate solution for me. (at least it would require a change request and then be discussed in a round table in our company, which could take many weeks until it could be implemented, if it gets approved at all)

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HI Shaligram

As the material is CAPITAL Goods, and as you told that error message is getting triggered while issuing the goods.

Then it is better to convert that error message into Warning message. t code (OCHS).

As this material is checking the batch search strategy which not required for this material.

Pl reply.