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Generating a Stock Transfer Reservation (Not Stock Transport Order) through MRP

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I would like to achieve the following, using the Stock Transfer Reservations (Reservation created with Mvt 301 against another plant) using MRP.

Plant A holds stock for other plants. Now Plant B now has a requirement for stock. When MRP runs for Plant B, I would like the system to create a Stock Transfer Reservation (Not Stock Transport Order) against Plant A for that stock. Should Plant A not have sufficient stock, the normal external requirement is created for stock to be procured.

Now I am not sure that if it is possible that when the Planned Order is generated, that it can be converted to a Stock Transfer Reservation instead of a Stock Transport Order. I have tried to configure the usage of Special Procurement Type 45, but not sure how it works or how I can get it to work.

I am sure somehow it is possible, but getting to configure it correctly is another story on its own.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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No matter. I have come across the SAP Note 550568 - FAQ: MRP run (MD01, MD02, MD03, MDBT,...) as pointed out by caetano.almeidar which explicity states the following:

Is it possible that the MRP creates stock transfer reservations between two plants?

No. You can use MRP to create stock transfer reservations only within a plant for the following special cases:
  • Storage location MRP of storage locations that are planned separately
  • Stock transfer within a plant between the plant MRP area and the storage location MRP area or subcontractor MRP area

Using the special procurement type in the material master, you can create only cross-plant stock transport requisitions, planned orders for stock transfer or scheduling agreement delivery schedule lines for a stock transport scheduling agreement.

This is actually sad, as I can see so much potential to using the Stock Transfer Reservation 301 than with Stock Transport Orders.

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