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Function HR_PAD_HIRE_EMPLOYEE error in HR_FEATURE_BACKFIELD Perform_Parameter_Too_Short

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I am trying to write an ABAP to hire a new employee and I am getting errors:

error in HR_FEATURE_BACKFIELD Perform_Parameter_Too_Short. I can't figure out what the problem is. Any Ideas?

My Code:

lv_begda = '20161013'.

ls_p0001-infty = '0001'.
ls_p0001-begda = lv_begda.
ls_p0001-endda = '99991231'.
ls_p0001-werks = '2115'.
ls_p0001-btrtl = '0005'.
ls_p0001-persg = '9'.
ls_p0001-persk = '82'.
ls_p0001-plans = '60025055'.
ls_p0001-ansvh = '01'.
ls_p0001-sacha = '208'. "Payroll Admin
ASSIGN ls_p0001 TO <pnnnn>.
CALL METHOD cl_hr_pnnnn_type_cast=>pnnnn_to_prelp
pnnnn = <pnnnn>
prelp = ls_prelp.
APPEND ls_prelp TO lt_prelp.
CLEAR ls_prelp.

+ Similar for my other Infotypes

employeenumber = lv_pernr
hiringdate = lv_begda
actiontype = '71'
pnnnn_tab = lt_prelp
nocommit = 'X'
return_tab = lt_msgs
bapipakey_tab = lt_key
is_ok = lv_hiring_ok.

Error analysis
An exception has occurred which is explained in more
exception is assigned to class 'CX_SY_DYN_CALL_ILLEG
caught in procedure
"HR_FEATURE_BACKFIELD" "(FUNCTION)", nor was it prop
Since the caller of the procedure could not have ant
exception, the current program was terminated.
The reason for the exception is:
You are trying to submit a field to a structured par
appears to be shorter than the structure of the para
is not supported. This is parameter number 3 of FORM
"/1PAPA/FEAT100NUMKR". The actual parameter is 58 by
is 170 bytes long.

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