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Full stock removal by storage type (not for whole mvmt type)

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Hi experts,
Is there a way to set up full stock removal in WM without checking the 'overdelivery' checkbox on the movement type?

Requirement is:

Production supply with movement type 319

Full stock removal from storage type A (SU managed)

Picking from storage type B (non-SU managed)

On storage type A I've checked the 'full stock removal' and 'return to same bin' indicators but the system doesn't remove the entire SU, only if I set the 'overdelivery' indicator on 319 as well. However, then the full bin qty is removed from storage type B as well, which is not OK.

Any help on this is appreciated


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As per notes

1601065 - Full quants are removed from stock during TO create

2525111 - Full stock removal doesn't work as expected

"over deliveries" has to be check to activate full stock removal. On the other hand that flag forces full stock removal irrespective of the storage type settings. That is the situation you are in.

You can implement a custom over delivery strategy with the EXIT_SAPLL03A_009 enhancement. Consider the note 614537 - User exit 'EXIT_SAPLL03A_009 should always be run through

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski