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Dear Guru

I would like to map process of procuring the fuel for Shipping company. Customer is having following requirement

They have 8 types of material i.e. different types of fuels.

1.They require PO/PO, but they do not want to have inventory of the material.Consumption will be book directly through FI.

What business process should we have to track Fuel Inventory.



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if you dont want have inventory in SAP, then you cannot track inventory in SAP.

Except you are talking about value in the first part and about quantity in the second. If that is the case then use material type UNBW (non-valuated), it forces the user to enter an account assignment when creating the PO, then while doing GR you will post inventory in your warehouse while you directly cosume the costs to a cost center.

Later with posting any goods issue you will not post any value, just reduce the quantity.