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This is for the attention any shipment costing expert.

We have a requirement to include two elements of freight costs into inventory and update the moving average price with the cost of the material and cost of the freight. Using shipment costing documents seem the logical thing to do.

First element of the freight is the sea freight - in currency USD

Second element is the cost of delivering the container to the plant from the port. in currency GBP

There may be 1 or 2 different vendors involved in freight.

Am I right in assuming that if shipment costing is configured then it can actually do what we require?

Will it update the moving average price at the time of goods receipt with MIGO?

Will it update it, if necessary, at the time of invoicing if there is a difference?

We have inbound deliveries which can consist of many containers, with many items from many different PO's. Not until everything is shipped do we know what the freight costs will be. A few days after the items are shipped we get all the documentation with the details of what is in which container and the total cost of the shipment. What we would like to do is create a shipment with all the inbound deliveries, create a shipment costing document with the total cost of the shipment, book the shipment in and have the cost of the material and the freight cost ( distributed across the total shipment by weight ) posted to inventory, update the moving average price, etc...

Is this possible? Has anyone actually done something similar to this?

I followed the document created by Mankikanda but either I have missed something out of it may be incomplete.

I also have a question, do I need to do a post good receipt for each inbound delivery?

This to me defeats the object if I have to process each individual delivery.

Would welcome your comments and suggestions.


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resolved after debugging