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Freight Cost calculation at first delivery

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Hello Experts,
In my scenario, i created Purchased Order with Material 1- 1 PC, Material 2- 3 PC.

For this PO the supplier charges 10 Euros for delivery of all the materials. Maintained this Price in MEK1 for Condition type(FRB1)

For this to obtain the following Configuration are used:
Calculation Type- B, Condition Class- A, Condition Category- B and Tick marked Group Condition , Header Condition, Item Condition.

Suppose: when i received only the Material 1 first , then i do Migo and Miro then the Freight is calcualted as 2,50 Euros.

When i received the Material 2 afterwards, then i do migo and Miro hen the Freight is calcualted as 8,50 Euros.

My Customer Requirement:
a) When the material 1 is received first, when we do Migo and Miro then the Freight should be calculated as 10 Euros. Even if the other materials are not delivered.

b) When the Material 2 is deivered then we do migo and Miro and the Freight should be calculated as Zero Euros.

Thats means the customer want to calculate the Total Frieght cost at the First delivery irrespective of how many materials he received from the supplier. My customer want the Freight cost at the header level and the total freight cost should be considered only at first delivery. Customer is not worried about the Freight cost for second or third Delivery and so on...

I would request you to please provide your insights to meet my customer requirement to implement.

I really appreciate your help.

Thank you,


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To meet your customer's requirement for calculating the freight cost at the header level and considering the total freight cost only at the first delivery, you can follow these steps:

1. Condition Type Configuration:

- In transaction MEK1, check the condition type (FRB1) configuration.

- Ensure that the calculation type is set to B (Fixed Amount).

- Verify that the condition class is set to A (Header Condition) and the condition category is set to B (Group Condition).

2. Group Condition:

- In transaction MEK1, ensure that the "Group Condition" checkbox is selected for the condition type (FRB1).

- This will allow the system to calculate the freight at the header level and consider it as a group condition.

3. Pricing Procedure:

- In transaction V/08, review the pricing procedure assigned to the purchase order.

- Check the sequence of condition types and ensure that the freight condition type (FRB1) is placed at the appropriate position.

- Make sure that the pricing procedure is assigned correctly to the relevant purchasing organization and vendor combination.

4. Create Access Sequence:

- If necessary, create a new access sequence in transaction V/07.

- Define the access sequence with the desired condition table(s) and maintain the access sequence determination.

5. Maintain Condition Records:

- In transaction MEK1, maintain the condition records for the freight condition type (FRB1) based on the desired pricing conditions.

- Enter the appropriate amount for the freight cost, which should be 10 Euros in your customer's case.

By following these steps, you should be able to calculate the freight cost at the header level and consider the total freight cost only at the first delivery. The freight amount will be determined based on the condition record maintained in MEK1 for the condition type (FRB1).

It is important to thoroughly test the changes in a non-production environment to ensure that the desired results are achieved before implementing them in a live system. Also, involve your internal SAP team or SAP support for assistance in configuring and testing these changes based on your specific system setup.

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I think the requirement is bit tricky as there is no option in standard to automate the conditions in header level and distribute full amount for first delivery! You may refer the note # 2654898 - Distribute Freight to Header, not Item Level in PO. Considering the limitations, I would suggest to check the below options:

1. Add dummy freight value, say 0.01 USD in the PO (may be for all items via condition technique), so that the freight condition is in place in PO. Advise the supplier to include the complete freight value in first invoice itself. During first invoicing, post the invoice with material cost and complete freight value (could be a manual update in condition level in invoice or add in unplanned delivery cost and auto distribute the amount).

2. Check whether you can use the inbound shipment process where you can create shipment cost doc only for the first delivery and pass the shipment cost as delivery cost in the PO.

3. Enhancement

In addition, refer the old thread # Total Delivery Cost for partial Item delivery