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free goods

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Dear Friends,

I would like to create free goods for my product. from VBN1. even If i maintain here i cant see the reflections in VA01.

does any1 know why? and also Can any1 Explain me what is difference b/w inclusive and exclusive??

Thanks in advance!!

Best regards,


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goto V/N6 and to your sales area + document pricing procedure+ customer pricing procedure assign NA0001 or your free goods procedure


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hi latha,

first check whether u have assigned freegoods procedure to the combination of

SALES AREA + Doc. Pricing procedure + Customer pricing procedure in T.Code : V/N6. Just like pricing procedure.

Check whether u have done item category determination for free goods like


See that R100 condition types is present in your Pricing procedure or not.

Now go to VBN1 and created free goods condition records ..inclusive or exclusive.

if u want to give one item free for 10 items

in inclusive means : if customer orders 10 then the one free good is inclusded in the 10 items.

system calculates price for 9 items and 1 item will be given free.

in Exclusive : if customer orders 10 then the one free good is given to him in addition to the 10 items. total 11 items will be given to customer.

system calculates price for 10 items and 1 item will be given free.

in inclusive we can give same item as free goods.

in exclusive we can give same item or another item as free good.

reward if helpful or revert back for any doubts

Thanks & regards

raj reddy

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1.Check the free goods determination procedure assinged to sales area in img


The customer only pays for a part of the goods required. The rest of the goods are free. This is called Inclusive free goods and means that part of the purchase quantity is designated as free goods and is not billed.

The material supplied as free goods always has the same unit of measure as the purchased quantity -


Exclusive agreement,

The customer pays for the goods ordered and receives additional goods. This is known as exclusive free goods and means that free goods is granted for an additional quantity to that in the purchase order. More is delivered than was ordered and the additional quantity is not billed.

The goods delivered as free goods do not have to be the same as material ordered.


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please check once again by going to VBN3 ( display free goods ) if the record was maintained properly with correct validity dates.

I hope you have NA00 as the condition type at VBN1. NA00 is available in NA0000 procedure and this should be assigned to

sales area + Cust Pricing Proc + doc pric proc. Check this.

Now check if the item category det is maintained correctly for the free item also.

we have inclusive and exclusive free goods ( both with item generation ) and we also without item generation where we use condition type NRAB.

customer ordered quantiy 10

inclusive - we give 9 + 1

excusive - we give 10 + 1


sadhu kishore

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Check for condition records also assignment per sales document in spro

Free goods has the following limitations:

- Free goods can only be supported on a 1:1 ratio. This means that an order item can lead to a free goods item. Agreements in the following form are not supported: ‘With material 1, material 2 and material 3 are free of charge‘ or ‘If material 1 and material 2 are ordered at the same time, then material 3 is free of charge‘.

- Free goods are not supported in combinations with material structures (for example, product selection, BOM, variants with BOM explosion).

- Free goods are only supported for sales orders with document category C (for example, not quotations).

- Free goods are not supported for deliveries without reference to a sales order.

- Free goods cannot be used in make-to-order production, third-party order processing and scheduling agreements.

- If you defined a free goods for variants in a generic article (only SAP Retail), you can only process the variants in the purchase order and goods receipt individually (as single articles). In other words, you cannot process them using the generic article matrix.


Not all Sales Order can be used for free goods determination. You have to check the SD document category if it does not work. Only category 'C' are supported. Check transaction VOV8.

Assume that you want to configure an inclusive FREE goods routine. Customers must order a minumum quantity of 5 before any free goods can be assign. For every quantity of 3, the customer will be given 1 free goods.

WC07 - Maintain Number Range Intervals


No From number To number

01 0000010000 0000099999

IMG -> Sales and Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Free Goods ->

Maintain Access Sequences

New Entries




Maintain Condition Types

New Entries

Ctyp Name AcSq

FREE Free Goods NA00


Maintain Pricing Procedures


New Entries

Procedure Description

FREE Free Goods

Select Procedure FREE then click Control data

Step Cntr Ctyp

10 10 FREE

V/N6 - Activate Free Goods Determination

Assign Order Type OR with Document Procedure A with Procedure FREE

VBN1 - Create free goods determination

e.g. FREE inclusive

Material Min qty From are free good Calc Rule Free Goods

5 3 1 1 1

In this example, if you create a Sales Order for a quantity of 10, SAP will prompt you 7 as the customer order qty and 3 will be free. Customer only pay for the 7 quantity.

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Latha ,

Inclusive : when customer buys 5 qty that is split in 4+ 1

exclusive : when customer buys 5 qty that is split in 4 + 1



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Inclusive : when customer buys 5 qty that is split in 4+ 1

exclusive : when customer buys 5 qty that is split in 5 + 1

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This is not generally included in a standard price procedure.

To check - go into your VA01, click on Pricing, and Analysis. this will show if it is even included in the price procedure