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Formula Only works when click Update Pricing

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I've created a condition formula that changes KOMK-TXJCD. It only works when I click Updat on the condition screen. But just saving does not use the new TXJCD that I assigned from the plant in the alternate formula. In debug I see the values changing. Here is a copy of the code.

Any help MUCH rewarded.

Data lv_titlepass(1) type c.

DATA wa_plant_txjcd like t001w-txjcd .

  • start by assuming default .

lv_titlepass = 'D' .

  • now look at incoterm field


WHEN '1'.

lv_titlepass = 'D'.


lv_titlepass = 'O'.


  • the default is tax is charged using destination txjcd.

  • If 'O' then change TXJCD

  • use the plant

If lv_titlepass = 'O' .

clear wa_plant_txjcd .

select single txjcd from t001w into wa_plant_txjcd

where werks = komp-werks .

If sy-subrc <> 0 .

exit .


KOMK-txjcd = wa_plant_txjcd .

endif .

Endif .

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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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using another method

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in copying control set Pricing type "B" (Carry out new pricing)

for your item category

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any clues on where in the formula i would do this. Thanks

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it depends on what document you are creating - do you do invice for your order?

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My question is there a way to do i the code.

Sales order and then invoice

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in this case run VTFA

select your source (sales order) and target (billing type)

goto item

select your item category

goto details

set Pricing type "B"

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My item category is not listed.

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you need to add

use the same transaction - you can do it by copying from existing itca (for example take TAN)