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foreign currency valuation process for bank account

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Hi Guru,

As per client requirement, we got one project from customer value $90,00,000. so user posted accounting document

that incoming bank gl a/c Dr to customer a/c Cr for particular USD 70.10 for the conversion of INR 70 Crores

now user want to transfer some amount of $10,000(next day rate was USD 69.94) to another Indian bank. Here the system is not picking GL of Loss/Gain Of Foreign Ex Change

So, please tell the process of this.



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Answers (2)


Hi Manas,

it is possible to picking up the G/L account of Loss/Gain when you transferring the funds other than the local currency from one bank to another bank .

1. the sending Bank G/L account should be maintained as open item management in FS00 (GL Master)

2. the G/L account should maintained Account determination for O.I Exchange differences in OB09

and Maitain the GL Accounts Exchange rate differance realized.

3. Pass the transaction through the transaction F-04 (Posting with clearing) - Maintain Currency and rate

Select transfer posting with clearing.

4. Select posting key 40 and GL Account of receiving bank account - Then choose open items provide the G/L account which was posted the customer receipt account (Sending bank GL Account) then Simulate you will automatically get the Gain /or loss account as maintained GLin OB09 .



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Dear Manas Choudhury,

If this is not the case, please post the error screenshot for better clarification. The above explanation is good and it should work.