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Forecasting and automatic reorder point planning

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dear gurus... please help me with the following

1. We want to use forecasting now, how do we update past consumption data for all the fert items automatically from system.

2. how to run forecasting in mass for all the materials which are using automatic reorder point planning, how to do this as a background job so that the reorder points will get calculated and populated regularly.

3. how will the consumption figures get update regularly in future.



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Hi Abhishek,

The system uses past consumption data (historical data) to forecast future requirements. The system then uses these forecast values to calculate the reorder level and the safety stock level, taking the service level, which is specified in MRP2 view, and the material's replenishment lead time into account, and transfers them to the material master.

Since the forecast is carried out at regular intervals, the reorder level and the safety stock level are continually adapted to the current consumption and delivery situation. This means that a contribution is made towards keeping stock levels low.

From MP30 you have to executed forecast and system has generated forecast values and updated safety stock and reorder point also.

Only thing to remember is you have to maintain service level in MRP 2 view of material master when you use VM- MRP type to calculate safety stock and reorder point.

I don't know about background job so that the reorder points will get calculated and populated regularly.



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Thanks Mr. Bhramankar... got the answer for the execution of forecast. MPBT is the tcode for background and mp38 for mass forcast run...

how do we update the past or history data for the materials in mass.