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Flexible upload issue with dimension Y1


Hi All,

We are facing an issue regarding with flexible upload. Here is the attachment:

The issue seems to be regarding the standard Dimension Y1, because CU exists in master data. If I check the F4 help key this is what I see:

The dimension Field is empty. I f I check the ACDOCU with records that I input via Journal i see the Dimension filed correctly defined by Y1, in table TF150 I see also this dimension correctly configured:

I have checked also much of notes and none is helping us... We have installed business content correctly and we are working on S4 2021.

Also, we are facing this issue in 2 different systems...

Any idea of what prob. we are missing?

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi Jose,

This issue occurs due to incorrect mapping of the Fiori app “Flexible Upload of Reported financial data”. Please try the below,

  1. Go to the Fiori app “Flexible Upload of Reported financial data” and click on the profile name button in the right corner as shown in the below screenshot.
  2. Select the “About” option to see the “ID of the Technical Application Component” mapped to the app. For example, the app should be mapped to the ID FINCS_UPL_EXEC if the GR version of the system is 2020.

  3. If the ID mapped is different, contact the Fiori team and get the mapping corrected. Here is what the Fiori team has to do,

Replicate Back-End Catalog from a Remote System with parameters:

- Business Catalog ID = SAP_FIN_BC_CCON_PRDTPRE

- Replication Mode = F Full Replication

- Check Box "Test Mode" not set


Vinoth V

Answers (1)

Answers (1)


Hi Vinoth,

Thanks for your help, this was the solution. Replicating that business catalog solved.