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Fixed Public holiday in Factory Calendar

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Hello All,

I an trying to understand how can I define a fixed holiday in a Factory Calendar.

I understand the process of defining a public holiday and assigning it to Factory calendar but what I want is a fixed holiday every month.

So how can I define a holiday in which we would like to have 2nd monday(or any other day) of every month as a holiday.

Please let me know


SAP Fans..

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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While creating public holiday SCAL calendar there are option available for movable day for moving to next day / previous day. Please select those option and check the result.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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As per my understanding system will not come to knowon what date second monday is going to come on every month.

In your Case you can meet ur requiremnt by defining special rules for your factory calendar.

First from the calendar,list out the dates on which second monday is coming every month

Then go to SCAL,click on Factory calendar radio button and then change,selct ur factory calendar and then go to change mode and then click on special rules.

Then Click on create button,enter from date and to date same as from ur listed dates for secon monday of every month.entr text and dont click the check box of work day.

like this you do for all the dates of second monday of every month.

Those dates which are defined here will be considered as holiday in the calendar,

Hope it helps