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Fixed indicator set on PR after source of supply assignment

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Hello Experts,

We are facing the issue, that the fixed indicator on a PR is set (for PR's generated by the MRP run) once a source of supply is assigned. In our business process, this is not desired.

In this note:

I found that the fixed indicator should be set when one of these fields is changed manually:

  • Purchase requisition quantity (EBAN-MENGE)
  • Delivery date of the item (EBAN-LFDAT)
  • Purchase Requisition Release Date (EBAN-FRGDT)
  • Storage location (EBAN-LGORT)
  • Goods receipt processing time in days (EBAN-WEBAZ)

Since vendor is not one of them, it seems like the behaviour is not correct? Does anyone know if this can be changed, either via a standard or custom solution? We are on S/4 1909.



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