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Fixed assets

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Hi All,

Can anybody guide me with the end user part of fixed assets???

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These are some of the activies, the end user do

Asset Master Creation AS01

Asset Acquisition F-90,MIRO

CWIP Asset Postings and Capitalization AIAB

Asset Retirement F-92

Depreciation Calculation and Posting AFAB

Fiscal Year Change



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Hi Tejashvi,

These are some of the Transactions an end user usually performs when all the configuration part has been done for the asset accounting.

Create an asset - T Code AS01

Asset Acqusition - T Code F-90, ABZON,F-91,ABZP

Asset Explorer - T Code AW01N

Dep run - T Code AFAB

Asset Transfer - T Code ABUMN,ABT1N

Asset Retirement - F-92, ABAON, ABAVN

If you need any further details let me know.



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An end user normally performs three categories of transactions.

- Master Data related

- Transactions

- Periodic Processing

Master Data: Create fixed asset

Transactions : Aquisition with vendor / without vendor / asset value display / asset value writing down with a credit memo / asset retirement / asset disposal / partial retirement / sale to a customer / scrapping an asset /reversal / asset under construction / settlement / transfers

Periodic Processing: Monthly depreciation run / planned and unplanned depreciation adjustment / year end closing / fiscal year change / reporting


*assign points if useful

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Master data creations / changes based on requirement - AUC settlement (monthly process)

Acqun., retirement, scrapping (ocasionally)

Reports extraction relating to AA


intial asset master creation, asset data upload will be by consultant


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Sorry i am not clear with your views.

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Hello Tejashvi,

Could you be a little more specific, as to what exactly you meant to ask?


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Like i want to know how to post entries for the assets at the end user point of view.