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Fixed Assets special depreciation

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I have a newbie using Fixed Assets, so my question is: I want to have special depreciation for some of the assets: 50% of the value of aquisition to be depreciated in the first year divided each month and the other 50% to be depreciated in the remaning useful life according to straight line from the value still remaning to be depreciated. Do I have to configure that?

Also, I have to import some assets that have already been depreciated from a legacy system. The issue is that they have been reevaluated in the past and I need to also put in the system their old asset value. Where do I place that? How about when I want in the future to reevaluate a fixed asset, how is the new price going to be reflected, how is the depreciation going to be modified?

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Special depreciation (SD) definition : The system automatically creates this derived depreciation area that you can use in case of a special depreciation. If a special depreciation is calculated, the derived area will enable you to monitor the values for ordinary depreciation without special depreciation. This area is only used for information purposes; no asset postings are carried out in general ledger.

Try to simulate this setting in your testing database so that you can have conclusion about SD :

Concession period (CP) : 4

Max percentage (MP) : 25

Normal Depreciation (ND): SL25

Alternative depreciation (AD) : SL5

Then set the level until 4 according to CP in the years with %age i.e. 1 - 5, 1 - 5, 1 - 5, 1 - 5.

Depreciation type pool is C1 and C2.

By using special depreciation, you could compare the result to manual calculation to your problem.

Let me know if you need more detail


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For first question, You may use Multi-level Method. for example asset life is 5 Years.

In Tab Calculation you can set :


APC -- 1 -- 50%

APC -- 4 -- 12.5%

For other question, please post new msg.


Yun Pho

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Hello Yun,

For me it could not be a problem as I have only 4 items with special depreciation and I would have to create only 4 multi-level types and assign the assets to them. But what if I would have more assets that need to be depreciated like this (their usefull life is different from one to another).

Can I set a general depreciation type for all of them considering the rule is the same (in the post above)? What is special depreciation for?

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