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Fixed asset-revaluation-planned depreciation adjustment

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Hi experts

I have a question about FI-AA module.

When I use t-code :ABAW to revaluation the APC value, the planned depreciation value will adjust as revaluation.

How can I realize that depreciation value will not adjust when I do the revaluation?

Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Diessen,

Do you want to post revaluation of APC or revaluation of depraciation?

Both are done in ABAW, if you want to post APC revaluation enter amount in ''Amount Posted'' field. If you want to post revaluation of depreciation enter amount in ''Rev.O.dep.PrYr'' or ''CY'' depending on which fiscal year is affected.

As far as I understand you want to revalue APC only so enter amount in ''Amount Posted'' field and depreciation will not get adjusted.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

Hi Georgios

Thank you for your answer.

I known about how to post APC revaluation and post revaluation of depreciation.

But when I posted APC revaluation ,then I check the asset value with asset explorer. I find the planned depreciation value is automatic adjusted.

For example:

Before I post the APC revaluation

After I posted the APC revaluation

Now I want to stop the that's logistic. I do not want to planned depreciation adjust in period 8.I need period 8's depreciation value equals “4.25”.how can I realize it? is there a customize point in spro or must realized by addon?

Thank you for your help !

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Dear Diessen,

As I can see, in period 8 you posted APC revaluation. Any change in APC cost will lead the system to recalculate ordinary depreciation in the period of APC change. In period 8 the system notices that you changed APC cost and automaticaly adjusts ordinary depreciation, because it takes into consideration what the new depreciation should be after APC change. In other words, after you make the change the system notices that the fixed asset is now over-depreciated and therefore it posts a positive depreciation of 1.00 euro to make a correction. That is usual system behaviour in these cases. Now, if you want to correct depreciation in period 8 you have to post a revaluation of depreciation in period 8. Amount should be 5.25-. As I explained before, in ABAW enter amount 5.25 in Rev.O.dep.CY if its in current year and post. When you run depreciation for period 8, the system will post ordinary depreciation of +1 and revaluation of depreciation of -5.25 which makes total depreciation posted for the period equal to -4.25 which is you desire. I hope this clarifies your question.

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Hi Diessen

In AW01N try transaction simulation.


Ayman A. Mohamed