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Fixed and Variable Cost Definition in Price Clusters

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Hello, dear community members. I would like to create a pricing mechanism for a supplier like shown below. We already have price clusters for a set of materials but I could not set-up these additional costs over the cluster. Can you please advise on the feasibility of this concept? Thanks!

For a plant cluster specific fixed prices per run plus design change costs plus variable costs apply. This means that individual volumes of the materials within the same cluster are summed up to determine the total volume per cluster. The fixed price per run for each cluster and the design change costs times the number of design changes between the different articles within the cluster are divided by this total volume per cluster and added to the variable price of the cluster to get the price for the materials within the same cluster. This price will apply to the materials within the same cluster. This is determined by purchase order level. If the number of articles within a cluster in 1 PO is n, then the number of times the design change cost applies is n-1.


A Purchase order consists of 50.000 labels of article A, 60.000 labels of article B and 70.000 labels of article C, all belonging to cluster 619. The price for label A, B and C is: (((€ 155,69 + € 75,00 + € 75,00)/ 180.000)* 1000) + € 5,23 = € 6,93 per 1.000 labels.

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