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Fiscal year error in AA

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I am trying to procure an asset from a vendor. Purchase order is generated and at the time of MIGO the system giving a message saying that "You can't post to asset in company code 1000 fiscal year 2008. The capitalization date is 01.04.2007. when I try to change the date to 01.04.2008 the system is saying that the capitalization date is in future.

I have checked TC:OB52 u2013 Year 2008 is open.

Checked OAAQ u2013 year 2007 is closed.

Checked AJAB u2013 it is showing year 2007.

I have tried AJRW. But it is giving the following message: NOTE: The fiscal year change is only a technical step,

needed in order to carry forward all assets into the new fiscal year. The fiscal year change has nothing to do with

the YEAR-END CLOSING for bookkeeping. In order to close the annual values in Asset Accounting for a given fiscal year

you are required to carry out YEAR-END CLOSING in Asset Accounting BEFORE the year-end closing for the general ledger.

What i need to check the settings???

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Please proceed with the following steps:-

1.) Check in OAAQ till which yr, yr end closing has been done.

2.) There should ne an enrty of your company code and closed fiscak yr as "2007". If 2007 is not closed then 2008 cannot be posted to.

3.) Now to close you need to check following:-

i) AFBP: check if dep run has ben done for you comp code, fiscal yr and period 12. This will give you a log. If all the posting have been done then move to next step. Else run the dep run till period 12 and then move to next step.

ii) Execute AJAB

iii) Execute AJRW

iv) Check in OAAQ if yr closing is appreaing

Now you can do asset posting in FY 2008.

Please assign points of my solution is of any use to you.