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Fiori Apps as a Mobility Solution?

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I have a client who is currently using a non-sap mobility solution to accomplish the following below which are available as standard S/4 Fiori tiles:

  • Manage Stock
  • Manage Incidents
  • Manage Maintenance Notifications and Orders
  • Change PM Orders (IW38)
  • Create Goods Issue - In Background / Create Goods Receipt - In Background (VL23)
  • Create Goods Receipt / Create Goods Receipt - with Reference / Create Goods Receipt - without Reference / Create Goods Receipt with Reference / Post Goods Issue - Return Order / Post Goods Issue - Stock Transfer Order
  • Display Functional Location (IH06)
  • Display Functional Location BOM (IB13)
  • Enter PM Order Confirmation (IW41)
  • Functional Location Structure (IH01)
  • Goods Movement / Post Goods Movement (MIGO)
  • Manage Order List
  • Post Goods Issue - Unplanned (/SCWM/ADGI)

I have pitched SAP's Service and Asset Manager to the client as a mobility option for their migration to S/4 HANA as well as the many benefits it has over web applications however the client still wants to explore the use of Fiori tiles avoiding the need for additional licensing.

Question 1: Can personas be utilized to restrict access to certain tiles as is capable in Service and Asset Manager?

Question 2: Can Fiori apps be successfully customized and used as a mobility solution foregoing all the important benefits of native applications like Service and Asset Manager found here?

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