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Fiori app Purchasing Spend, no currency conversion?

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Hi experts,

We have started using the app 'Purchasing spend'. It works well, but we noticed that currency conversion is not taking place. Example below makes it clear, see also the picture below.

  • The backend document value is 5411,84 SGD.
  • We have selected display currency EUR in the app
  • The app now just shows 5411,84 EUR, it should be something like 3422,xx EUR

The same happens with other currencies as well, conversion is just 1 to 1. We do have the conversion rates maintained in our systems.

My expectation is that the report converts the values from the backed documents into the display currency, because otherwise the value shown is just not correct. Is my expectation correct and if so, what is the solution? I could not find any notes relevant for our system, all notes related to value were already implemented as part of support packages. We are on 1909 SP04.

Thanks in advance.

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