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FinncPriod is empty on document line

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Hi Guys,

I'm running into a problem in Sap Business One.

Normally the field FinncPriod in a Sales Order or Purchase Order will be filled when you create a document.

This field will be available on document level and line level.

But when i add a new line to an existing order and update the order, the FinncPriod field on line level stays empty.

Does anyone has a clue why this field is empty in this case?

This does also happen in SBO 8.8.1.


regards William

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Answers (1)

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Hello William,

In my opinion this behaviour of the system is reasonable. A document is created within a specific period. Any updates done later should not influence the assignment of this document and its rows to the original financial period. So it is consequent that new added lines will get NULL for the field finncpriod as there may be further changes for this newly created lines at a new period.

Nevertheless the system allows you to follow the complete information in case you want to assign document changes to a certain period. Just create a join between tables ORDR/RDR1 - ADOC - OFPR.

Best regards,