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Finish Goods With MA/S Price Control

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Hi Gurus,

We have one requirement for the our client.

Finish Goods With S Price Control

Since SAP strongly recommend to use Standard price control for the semi-finish and finish goods. We have maintained price control S in the material master for finish goods.

Now due to standard price all difference will post to price difference account after settlement of production order via KO88 or CO88. Since CO is not implemented, all price difference not getting updated in any GL account as shown in bellow screen shot(Price Difference = 113533.63).

Now client is not using KO88 OR CO88 - actual settlement for production order.

Question : How to post this price difference to particular material or particular GL account ?

Finish Goods With MA Price Control

I have created one Finish goods with price control V and price = 100.

As per my knowledge when we use moving price all price need to upload on finish goods. But i have tested one scenario with price control V and getting same GL account entries as price control S.

Please refer bellow screen shot.

Question : Why this price difference not posted to Finish Goods ?

Accounting entry getting generated with the price maintained in the material master.

Can anyone help me resolved this issue.

Thanks in Advance

Ashish Panchal

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ashish,

I have posted this Question in PP forum as it is related to PP.

Check the below link



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Answers (1)

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Seems you should use Mater Ledger.

If ML is activated, the PRD can be settled to material account.

Thanks and regards,