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Find option

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While creating an addon i am trying to enable the find option, I am not using udo, all form and events are manually created.

what i have done is - enabled the find menu

 oForm.EnableMenu("1281", true);

and written the menu event for find as

  if (pVal.BeforeAction && pVal.MenuUID == "1281")
                oForm.ActiveItem = "EditText1";

where EditText1 represent the Code for NoObject Table, also the docnum for my form.

The problem is - for example

if the value of EditText1 is 1001, 2001,3001 and so on where the first digit is not same.

As i enter 1 or 2 or 3 and press the find button i get the required result.

1001 in case i enter 1 and press find button.

2001 in case i enter 2 and press find button.

but when the value of EditText1 is 1001, 1002, 1003 and so on where first digit is similar

the system throws an internal error.

when i input 1 and press the find button it throws internal error.

It should show me all the value of EditText1 starting from 1, but it throws an error.

How can i achieve my output ?

also if i put a "*" and press find button it should show all the EditText1 values.

How can i do this ? what am i missing ?

Thank You

Ranu Vijay

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Answers (1)

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Hi Ranu,

1) If you are register your User Defined Object(UDO), you have to checked true 'Find' option.

2) If you are working with Hard coded throw, you have set DataSources table name into your oForm.




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I have already done this. I am able to use find option in most of cases, but it fails in some case.

I have mentioned such cases in my question.

Thank You