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Finance balances upload strategy at go live

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Hi Gurus,

Appreciate if you can please share some knowledge on this and guide me:----- Scenario is We are going live in mid year which is may and company follows calendar year.


1. How can we post Profit and loss items in old period like jan, feb, march, april, as client want to see p&l  data in sysstem?

2. We have project system module also. So how to take balances in WBS elements??? There are open projects in the system or some items which are posted to wbs elements in last 4 months, how to take those items in system????

Will we have wbs field for customer balances, vendor balances and GL balances or only for GL?????

In any case, i think we have to enter profit center customer and vendor as we have document splitting on profit center...

Please guide me on this, how to take opening balances when we have PS module also.

Thank You

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Data migration is a project so it is not possible to write it down in a few lines.

I try to give some information.

1. P&L:

You can post all document from 01 to 05 in the periods, with cost center information, wbs, profit center, segment and so on.....

Posting is done: cost acc / migration interim account

                           migration interim account / revenue acc

When P&L is in the systen, balance on migration interim account has to be equal to balance of profit and loss statement

Tool: You can use LSMW, make packages for the import and you can calculate if import  values are correct = changes on migration interim account.

2. GL accounts, vendor and customer, WBS elements.

you can import open items. Out of open items you have balances available. When posting data with LSMW you can post  values on wbs elements.

Example vendor open item:

Vendor interim account / vendor

Customer oi:

customer / customer interim account

GL posting:

other receivables / GL interim account


FA GL account / FA interim account

and import FA into AM

Using per import case interim accounts will support you for checking data, and helps the auditor at the review, and also some monitoring for you.

>>> Take care if you also have to post VAT information, if this is needed in the future. We in Austria need  this information because of VAT correction when paying with "discount".


P&L done

vendor and customer - done

GL - done

FA - done

Check and audit import

Use SAP programs for review: example FAGLF03 there are many programs available, also for checking FA against GL.

also bear in mind if you have more ledgers in use! this information is necessary, too

all the best Erwin