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FIFO delivery process with out reserving the stock

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Dear All,

My cleint want to block the delivery if open pendig order or items are available for the same cutomer code..I tried with ATP check..But when I am trying with ATP system is reserving the stock for each order,,Practical issue is when some one places the order(diiferent party) for same reserved item in an urgent situation stock wont be available..Please help me to do the fifo delivery without reserving the stock.

All responses will be appreciated



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if open pendig order or items are available

Sorry I am not clear in your explanation.

Let us assume, you have

  • Sale Order A for material 1A  -  10 nos.
  • Sale Order B for material 1A  -  20 nos.
  • Sale Order C for material 1A  -  30 nos.

where all the sale order quantities are confirmed.  Now what exactly you want to control ??

G. Lakshmipathi

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Dear lakshmipathi,

Thanks in advance

Please consider that all sales orders are for same party

Order quantity        stock

Sale order A           10                           5

My current scenario

Due to insufficient stock availability of material   client
will be only able to deliver 5 qty from sales order A and they keep remaining
5qty as open.

Since the demand for the product is high customer would have
requested many time for the same material (1A) along with additional materials(2A,3A,1A)l.
This time sales order B will get created

so they are creating new order and same material is punching
again..Currently client is not willing to refer any report for clearing the old
open items(eg.Va05) from old orders..Now
they wanted to restrict the same

Client requirement is as below

For order A stock is 5 qty and they will
be only able to deliver 5 qty today

Next day when the requirement comes they are allowed to
create sales order B  with same material.
but the delivery  of sale order B is
restricted until sales order A completes. IF A and B delivery fully completed.
Then they are allowed to deliver C

They are not ready to reserve the stock of same
material.  Because if any other customer
needs the same product urgently reservation creates problem

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With any of the following sale order exits, you have to consider table VBBE where you can validate for VBELN and OMENG fields.

  • USEREXIT_CHECK_VBAP in the program MV45AFZB

Tell the logic to your ABAPer and develop the required enhancement.

G. Lakshmipathi