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FI-SL GVTR - Error Records not carried forward since no account defined when carry forward

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Hi SAP Experts

During GVTR Balance Carried Forward on Special Purpose Ledger we get error message

"Records not carried forward since no account defined when carry forward"

However the balance sheet account already exist!

How should be the approach to solve this issue?

Interestingly the totals table it shows the balance carryforward but not the standard reports such as GD13

I could not find a SAP Note related (there are some regarding profit center but not special purpose ledger)

There is SAP wiki for this subject but is not clear enough

Thanks in advance for your help

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Answers (2)

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I check GCS5 transaction, there i no assign field movement in this table (no change has been made so far).

However the balance sheet account that I want to "balance carryforward" does not have document or positions that are related to movement types; furthermore these documents or line items are related to BKFK type (documents that were posted by FB01 transaction).

Best Regards

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Hello Fernando,

I'm incurring in a similar situation and aftre days of searching in WIKISAP, SCN and SupportSap note I cannot find anything helpfull.

Did you solve the issue? If yes, could you kindly suggest the solution?

Thank you for your help

Best regards


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Have you checked your Assign Field Movements in t.code GCS5 ? If you are supposed to use the SAP standard balance carry forward, you usually do not have to maintain field movements.

Best regards,

Gabriel Coleti