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when setting up the translation, using new GL, I want to translate the P&L accounts at the average rate. The entry needs to be posted to each individual GL account. In the config there is valuation area and have to select the FS items for specifying the BS adjustments. How can posting take to individual P&L accounts since we can set up only at the FS node? Any idea?

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It is not possible to send the translation to the individual gl account. The only other way to do it is to create your GL accounts as node when you create financial statement version. If you are revaluating the P&l Accounts then it is possible to go the same account.

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I am using the workaround by FAGL_FC_VAL. But essentially it is doing translation as per FASB52. When SAP designed the config screen for translation they have focussed on the GL groups (likes of AP/AR) and left out the P&L accounts and Cash accounts.

Is it true that FASB 52 compliance can be done by-

1. Run FAGL_FC_VAL on AP/AR s for converting in local currency. Also run it on FC GL accounts to convert in local currency

2. Run FAGL_FC_VAL on P&L accounts and other B/S accounts like Cash for converting in group currency (USD)

3. Run FAGL_FC_TRANS on AP/AR and other recon accounts where Balance sheet Adj Account can be used for FSV node.

Is there any other approach you have taken? Appreciate the response.