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Factory Calendar

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The client wants to change his factory calendar for MM from '01' (standard) to 'Z'. For this, what should be considered before changing the calendar for MM. Currently, there are many open PO and PRs - will there be any problem?


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What made the client to change the factory calender ?

It has a major impact in the productive system. Your logistics and HCM module will get completely effected.

Public holiday and factory calendars belong to the central building blocks in SAP. They are used as standard in many areas such as logistics and human resources management. Factory calendars are used in several functional areas such as lead time scheduling, capacity planning, material requirements planning, sales and distribution.

The calendars are stored in a main memory buffer for the entire validity period (R/3 system parameter for buffer size zcsa/calendar_area).

Calendars are defined on a client-independent basis. Change documents are written automatically in the event of changes to the calendar.

There is a interrelationships between public holidays, public holiday calendars, and factory calendars.

In the calendar a distinction is made between workdays and non-workdays for the purposes of scheduling and checking delivery dates in purchasing. Factory calendar have definition of workdays including special arrangements with assignment of a particular public holiday calendar. The factory calendar specifies which calendar days are workdays and which are not.

You can use special rules to make allowance for vacation shutdowns and similar situations in a factory calendar. You also use special rules to specify the dates on which settlement is to be effected with regard to end-of-period volume rebate arrangements.

Hope this is clarified

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Check for holidays in factory calender,If you reset calendar then it will definitely effect delivery schedule dates of PO's/PR's &

also effect production planning is activated which will automatically trigger PR/PO creation with schedule dates

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