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FA Fiscal Year Change Error Due To Split Posting Period

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Hi Experts,

I am running SAP Business One 8.81 and I have Fixed Assets Add-On implemented. For the new fiscal year, I had accidentally created 13 posting periods as per below:

Period Posting Date

2017-01 01/01/2017-03/01/2017

2017-02 01/02/2017-28/02/2017

2017-03 01/03/2017-31/03/2017

..... (the rest will be the same until 2017-12)

2017-12 01/12/2017-31/12/2017

Additional posting period

201701-01 04/01/2017-31/01/2017

FYI, I cannot revert the above posting periods as users have created transactions in the new fiscal year.

When I tried to perform FA fiscal year change, it gave an error message "Fiscal Year Change has failed. error: (0)".

Is there anyway I can do to perform Fiscal Year Change?

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