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F110 - Best Industry practise for companies or standard guidelines for execution

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Dear SAP Gurus,

My client is on ECC 7.4 and are executing F110 on daily basis to make the customer payments. However while entering the parameters in F110, they enter complete customer range starting from 1 to 99999999 and as a result system takes lot of time for executing whole payment program and posting the documents. We have approximately 2 million records or more in BSID every time when F110 is executed. During execution, system checks all the open items lying in customer account (be it receivables or payables) and displays it in proposal run. In free selection tab, they also use two exclude options for payment block i.e. 1) line item and 2) customer master (which of course could be reason why it takes time to check each entry)

Can you please suggest provide on following

- Best practise (any document or SAP notes) or SAP standard guideline so that we can convince the client not to enter complete range of customer while executing the customer payments.

-Is exclusion of Payment block is need in free selection, as by default if the document or customer master has payment block it will be excluded.

- Is it a standard SAP behaviour that while executing proposal run for customer payment, it will display all the open items i.e receivables and payables?

Would appreciate your help and support.

Thankyou very much

Best Regards,

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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I hope you have looked at the below OSS Note

3273673 Automatic Payment Program Transaction F110 Overview How to Scenarios

Please also have a look at the below OSS Note and check if they are valid for your situation:

1427383 F110 Performance Issue

2273146 Performance Problem in F110 due to with holding

Also do all your customers valid for F110 run? May be there are only specific set of customer no ranges which are valid and you need to reduce the selection.

Thanks & regards

Sanil Bhandari

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Hi Sanil,

Thank you so much for your prompt response.

Yes. I guess you were referring 3273670 and not 3273673. I had gone through 3273670 however could not find much information regarding customer range. Regarding other two technical notes, I am in the process of implementing in testing environment and to check overall impact on performance. Additionally, I have gone through following notes, but not able to access it due to error “The target audience you are trying to reach does not fit to your profile” (not sure why it is coming as I am able to access every SAP notes apart from these 3).

1301415 – F110 Reasons for long run time in payment program

1302199 – F110 Long runtime in payment program

1296088 – F110 Input help for performance check

The client is e-commerce/payment platform therefore only one account groups customer (in millions or more) is used majorly and they process refunds or overpayment using F110 which runs for more than 9000 sec or at times more than that, highest was 14532 seconds. (Another two-account group has hardly 100 or 150 customers) We suggested to spilt the customer range that for example: 1 to 260000 and 260001 to 500000 and so on but as such cumulatively it takes the same hours. Their aim is to run only one F110 for all customers and expected threshold limit of run time is 30-45 mins.

It would be helpful if I get SAP note or best practise where I can convince them that it’s good to run in range and without exclusion of payment block in free selection as that is what is recommended by SAP.

Or alternatively should we develop a program which creates a list of customers which should be entered in F110 so that all records are not included?

Best Regards,