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Extract SAP long text into SQL server

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Hi, Is there a way to read SAP long text for e.g. BOM long text, routing long text etc...

We are using SQL Sever to extract and transform sap data and then load in to S/4 HANA. Since the long text is stored in STXH and STXL,  and STXL contain text in RAW format, it is not possible to extract using SQL.

SAP Data services or Syniti tool is not an option for us.

Please let me know if there is a way to extract sap long text into SQL server

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as far as I know you cannot convert that RAW texts with any external tool. You may use an ABAP report and function module READ_TEXT to read the SAPScript texts one by one into an internal table and then store that data somewhere. On the Target site you can use another ABAP report and function module SAVE_TEXT to store the data.