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External Processing

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Dear All,

I am trying a scenario of External Processing wherein i want to send the material for repairs.

I am trying it using subcontracting scenario, I have assigned PM02 control key and due to which a PR is created. But the Item category in PR is coming as Standard and not 'L' (Subcontracting).

Due to this when i convert PR to PO system shows an error message that "Document type(NB) of PR is different than the document type you want to create (i e PO)".

Could you please tell me what settings i am missing, Or is there any other process wherein i can send the material outside and bring back after repairs.

Your help is kindly appreciated, Points assured.



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Answers (3)

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Your functional things explained earlier. I may give the SPRO settings for PR creation integrate with MM

The MM setting is missing in your case

spro-PM-Mtc& serv processing-mtc & serv order- Gen data-define acct assignment cat for PR

Here the doc type will appear which is created at MM setting

MM-purchasing-PR req-Def Doc type--Here u can find the doc type

(If u need u can create )

Select part doc type and click allowed item catg( Ensure the item cat is std, serv,third party etc if u need)

Then select part item cat to view the Purchase doc (Here Std item cat take it for all)

Then give the Purchase doc type to link with PR.

better contact ur MM guy , because in PO creation thro mtc order directly goes to area . It means no inventory will comes.

Also big probs for if consumtion budget activated.

If any let us know. Pls put reward if helps u

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hi rashmi

Subcontracting order is used wherein it is require to produce some componenets or assemble of components.Best way is create a purchase requisition using PM02 control key and specify the short text alone in the purchase order and do the MIGO ,hence cost will be settled to the order .Material tracking will be done by the gate pass in /out



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Hi Rashmi,

Use of PM02 is for External Processing & comes with Account Assignment Category 'standard' as its use is very much like buying external component.

For External Processing or Servicing, better to go with conbtrol key PM03 as it is the key for external services & sending some spare outside for repair is also like buying external service. With ctrl key PM03, you will be able to assign service. based on this service u will be able to create a PO for external service. Sending material outside is not at all affected by ctrl key.

For sending material outside you have to create a second line item separately with account assignment category 'L'. You will be asked to enter the receiving material.

This is the normal practice used in standard SAP process.

'Otherwise use of developments is done for sending spare outside'.